"Air Fork" One

    "Air Fork" One


    If your baby's meal time needs more hang time, then this is what you want! All weather avionics lets you fly through the loudest squalls. Superior aerodynamics means you never miss your target.

    This is a joke
    Iza kewl
    Get it? It's funny when you try to use your mobile device to write reviews.
    ho ho ho - you a ho
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    I am in space
    Space Cadet
    Just thinking of this product makes me feel like I am in flight.
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    Damn Optimizer
    Foo Bear
    Screws everything up.
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    Keep on truckin
    Flakey Foont
    Good enough.
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    What happens when it runs out of fuel?
    Debbie Downer
    I'm afraid the manufacturer didn't think about that.
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    this is my review
    Anonymous reviewer
    and i am sticking to it
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    My company has mandated the use of these
    John Barleycorn
    Hops R Us www.hopsrus.com
    We have standardized on these for all our meal usage.
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    I like the fact that I can leave a review with line breaks!
    Happy Golucky
    So, how many of you know you can insert line breaks?

    I thought so - no one.

    Well, I found out that this is supported, and I couldn't be more pleased.
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    Nice, but now I need the matching plate
    Harried Dad
    It's a cute AND useful fork, but my little guy is clamoring for a plate that looks like a runway. Why don't you offer one of these so I can quit hearing about it every ten seconds??!?
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    Forking great
    Big Mama
    I think my little jujubee is going to become a pilot, or at least a frequent flyer. She is fussy about meal time, but when I bring this out, she gets very interested in eating and forgets all about crying and throwing. Although, the other day she did throw this fork across the room and embedded it in our cat Fluffy. Hey, maybe my little princess is going to become an Olympic javelin athlete!
    Thank you for the review, and good luck with your little diva.
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