Pizza Saw

    Pizza Saw


    Only the truly gifted saw this one coming!

    When you need to make mitered slices of your favorite pie, this is the only tool in your tool chest that will cut it.

    Doesn't work for Dominos pizza
    Lady Gaga
    By the time Dominos gets it to me, it is made of concrete cardboard instead of tasty and tender cardboard. So this doesn't work very well.
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    I came, I saw, I ate.
    George Tirebiter
    Shoes for Industry
    I'm such a comedian, I crack myself up sometimes.
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    You have to be drunk for this not to work
    Frank Furter
    To the person who posted about cutting off their finger, I say - you need to lay off the sauce - and I don't mean pizza sauce.

    There is no way this would not work well if handled by anyone with the coordination of a 3 year old. I assume the reviewer is at least this old since they were able to post a review.
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    Cut off my finger
    Gary Busey
    Verified Buyer
    I suppose it works well - too well. I was cutting pizza for my friends, and someone told a funny joke, and I got distracted. Ouch. At least no one noticed since the blood blended right in to the pizza sauce.
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